Second release tickets available now

on 29th JULY AT 4:00 pm – 31st JULY 3:00 pm

About this event

Thousands of years ago ancient tribes came together to create great monumental structures. These pockets of creation popped up in various parts of the world each with their own unique style.

These places attracted people from far and wide to trade and share stories, manifesting magic from mystics, alchemist and philosophers.

In these ancient cities amazing feats of engineering and technology where made but over a very long time were lost….

We come together again to celebrate, dance and reflect on these amazing ancient lost worlds.

Ancient Doofilizations

Dear Doofers,
Another long weekend full of magic is waiting for us.

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We would like to announce that SMILK, MEGAPIXEL, SKWID and VIOLET EVE will be joining us to deliver the goods. Ground breaking music artists, beautiful art installations, public workshops, gastronomic experiences and indulgent well-being areas come together to provide a weekend of sensory exploration.

Darwin Doofers has, since its inception in 2015, placed authenticity, creativity and discovery at it’s centre. The collective efforts of the community has helped transform this, once only 30 to 50 people party back in its humble beginnings, to a festival like atmosphere which will leave a sweet taste in your mind for ever after.

All proceeds for the Doof are put back into the community to spend on amenities, utilities, equipment hire and speakers. All donations to date along with the collective efforts of all people involved have helped Darwin Doofers grow to what it is today.

This is a 3-day event which includes your camping space, car park space and access to amenities on-site.

A pin Location of the event will be emailed to the email address provided when buying tickets, as well as a few more information, please read carefully.

Peace, unity and respect ❤️