Advice & Guidelines

Camping & Parking Guidelines

  • Follow crew’s instructions at all times.
  • Do not park on the road, keep 6 metres width clear.
  • Camping is only permitted in designated areas.
    If you are unsure, don’t camp there.
  • Keep space between campsites (2 metres minimum).
  • Always drive slowly and carefully, being mindful of the dust you’re creating.
  • Once you have set up camp introduce yourself to your neighbors.
    We predict that you’ll get on famously.

Important Stuff for safety

  • NO FIRES – this is very important so we’ll say it again – NO FIRES!
    No gas cookers, no naked flames, no candles and no campfires.
  • Take note of EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY AREAS – Near Campground areas on the festival map.
    In case of emergency follow the instructions of the wardens.
  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER – free water is available near each toilet/ shower block.
  • LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER – if you think someone needs help, offer it.
  • FIRST AID & DANCEWIZE are onsite for you physical and mental safety!
    Check site map for their location.
  • DON’T WANDER ALONE – always let your friends know where you are going.
    Never leave the festival without letting someone know.
  • Looking for a RIDE HOME – visit the message board at the Info Tent.
  • BE AWARE OF THE HEAT & SUN – sunburn and sunstroke can really ruin your weekend.
  • DO NOT DRIVE INTOXICATED OR SLEEP DEPRIVED – please note that drug testing is operational on Northern Territory roads.
  • Please REPORT ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY – to security or a Crew member.
  • RESPECT THE ART & DÉCOR – artists put a lot of heart, soul and time into their pieces so please don’t damage or steal them.
  • SHARE! – Share water, share food, share beer, share laughter and share space.
  • DON’T PEAK TOO EARLY – this is a four-day event, remember to save some energy for Monday – we certainly have!

Time to go home

Please, everybody must VACATE THE PROPERTY BY MIDDAY MONDAY so that we can clean the site. These are the the landowners’ wishes and form part of the council permit conditions.